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Christopher Urbina
18:21 18 Jun 19
Amazing products, amazing service even my dog loves the treats. My favorite cbd products are the bath bombs and salves. Would highly recommend!
Kay R
18:58 29 Feb 20
Excellent! CBD
John Benitez
00:13 11 Aug 19
Great clean shop with products you can depend on. My gf swears by their hempstrax blend. Orange is her favorite
Alexander Phan
00:37 15 May 19
Wow what an awesome woman of business and marketing,management and promotions...very knowledgeable and personal.
Loren Stassart ll
18:29 17 Mar 20
I needed a new pen battery so i popped in for a visit this fine morning. This is a small but very clean and well stocked shop. Got a great battery with 3 temp settings and it comes in a nice little case all for 20 bucks. And i had no clue that cbd only flower existed till today. Got a gram of the cbg to try it out. It is very smooth, nice flavor remeniscent of the red hair sense we used to get in tge 80s. And it left a snow white as h which tells me it was flushed proper and cured correctly. Thank you for the pre roll and the salve senior parents are going to be regular customers im sure. As will i,, thnks again!
Terp Perp
18:39 10 Feb 20
Based upon customer service I was very pleased and felt confident in what I purchased today. The staff here were very nice and helpful to what exactly I...
Krisandra S.
15:11 03 Aug 20
Great shop with helpful and knowledgeable staff. Products help me with my pain and anxiety for a great price. This is my regular stop!
Justin Vargas
00:00 16 Jan 20
Great location and great prices. My go to spot for CBD products. Would recommend to anyone.
17:27 30 Apr 19
I had plans to play golf with my husband which is not my favorite activity. I strained / bruised something in my right wrist the prior day and it was very painful. Bummer, guess I can’t play, Honey‼️ Lol 😉😉I rubbed some Hempstrax Salve on my wrist; not really thinking it would help at all. Darn it! It worked great and I felt absolutely no pain. I was stuck playing golf. HahahaI’m a believer now and will definitely use it in the future for aches and pains.P. S. I need a new excuse to get out of golfing with my husband.
Shari Delaney
17:05 20 Jan 20
Amazing CBD Shop! Would recommend to all!
daniel nguyen
01:19 15 May 19
I rubbed the CBD Salve on my neck and immediately felt it work.... I could walk around without pain and was able to fall asleep without aches and pains..... This stuff is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone who has pain. It’s a great natural alternative to relieving pain directly Thank you to Sarah from OC Wellness for telling me about it! I’ll be back for more! 💕
KerriAnn Marie
05:36 20 Jan 20
I went in today to grab some stuff for my back and sciatica pain and they helped me out! The guy Jason in there is awesome and I’m definitely going back!
Jacob Vazquez
21:31 29 Mar 19
Great store I bought some broad spectrum tincture and I've been feeling great. I'll be back to try it all. Thank you
jeff maag
15:56 29 Mar 19
As a 71 yo senior, I was new to CBD. Went with a friend to their store and explained to them my needs. Being older I had extreme aches and pains from arthritis and was also recovering from knee surgery. They recommended the full spectrum salve. I used it 3x a day and on the 3rd day I had complete relief. I also bought the oil drops which helped with sleep. They are very knowledgeable about their product and very patient in explaining each aspect and the benefits to expect from using each product. And their product is organic. I feel better using the CBD products over Rx medicine. Since COVID19 I order online. I get my product within 2 days. Can’t ask for better than that!
Lilah Zavetsky
00:31 16 Aug 20
Great customer service and very knowledgeable. Best place in Southern California to get CBD. Thank You
Amy J Doetsch
21:49 12 Feb 20
Broad Spectrum Gummies helps relieve my daily pain also relaxes my muscles. Pretty awesome customer service also meets customers expectations.
Isollina Correa
22:13 28 Feb 20
22:01 19 Aug 20
They got amazing cbd products from candy, to tinctures and rubs! I personally love there tinctures really helps me calm down. Also great customer service !
Javier G
21:12 26 Nov 19
no relation
03:33 28 May 20
These guys are awesome. I was curious about some CBD places while we visited California. I am not positive about flying with CBD so I typically like to buy...
Ricky R.
07:21 15 Jun 20
I wish I got her name, but the wonderful lady who helped me today was incredibly sweet and very knowledgeable. I'm new to CBD but she answered all my questions and helped point me to the right direction to exactly what I was looking for. I would highly recommend this place for your CBD needs. A great selection and even had products to help pets!
Odellia Purdie
02:41 27 Jan 20
Sulja Bader
23:01 26 Jul 20
Good CBD products!
Steve Brooks
01:44 03 Aug 19
Great customer service, Sarah and Lanikai were very helpful. I have neuropathy and the salves and flower relieves my pain. My dog loves the pet oil. Highly recommend , will be coming back.
Terri Rehse
19:20 29 Feb 20
Great and extremely helpful.
Shawn M
22:15 14 May 19
Oc wellness have been a great experience! It was my first time coming yesterday dealing with Sara and she was very informative in explaining all of the products. Im here today for day 2 to get a stronger version of the CBD broad spectrum and today I was greeted by Lanikai and she was great! They are still open during this tough pandemic so if you want some good vibes and some relaxing oils this is definitely the spot!!!!I drive all the way from Huntington because you know this place is legit so do yourself a favor!!!!!Much love to OC WELLNESS!!!!!
22:37 25 Mar 20
They have the best prices around and high quality products, the CBD Shatter works great for my nerve pain and anxiety!
Josh Bates
01:46 12 Feb 20
Awesome location and store! I was very happy with the knowledge of the staff. It's tough to get solid answers on CBD oil sometimes and I found Lani Kai and Ryan very friendly and very helpful.
Frankie Figgs
23:15 15 Apr 19
I love this place. Best products I've found so far. Pricing is fair and comparable. Recommend to everyone I know. My headaches are better and it has helped me get control on my anxiety again!
Holly Simanson
18:02 05 Aug 19
Highly recommend there product hempstrax. My dog has bad hips and joint, after about a week or two, my dog walks and runs like a puppy again.....
Cody Pierce
19:56 20 Nov 19
First time coming here and Sarah was so welcoming and informative, highly recommend coming here if you want to try cbd at a good price, also they are taking...
Chris A.
11:05 15 Jun 20
Danyel Watters
01:42 17 Jun 20
I personally really enjoy coming here to get my cbd oil and rub. It’s great! and they have a variety of flavors to choose from. To top it off the cbd helps me tremendously with any anxiety I’m having!
Sariah Campbell
21:31 19 Nov 19
Lots of amazing products to chose from. I like there cbd oil, I feel as its the one product that does the most. But there candies and vapes work great as well! Also awesome staff, they know there product well.
Javier Felix
21:08 26 Nov 19
Great service, great products, great price. Highly recommend.
Dean Bushik
07:05 01 May 20
Dianna Mejia
21:42 25 Mar 20
Lety Meza
12:01 18 Jun 20
Oc wellness is a very friendly cbd shop that carries wide varieties to meet your expectations! Come on by and check them out
andy joo
00:33 04 Apr 19
Sarah is amazing and extremely helpful!
Anthony Valencia
21:46 27 Jul 20
Been using their excellent CBD products since 2018. This is the only place I trust. The staff is kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Tincture Broad Spectrum 2000 and 3000.
Cristiane Stoll
23:49 13 Feb 20
This was our first experience in a store selling CBD products so we were a bit apprehensive. Once we walked in the store, Lani immediately made us feel at...
Bridget C.
20:17 10 Mar 20
Just like your first time anywhere, I realized it was a gamble on obtaining quality meds at a reasonable value. Oc wellness solutions has many offerings...
Timothy D.
10:30 04 May 20
Fantastic shop with a wide selection of products and knowledgeable staff.Their pet CBD products are second to none, the Hempstrax Broad Spectrum Pet CBD does an excellent job in helping manage our dogs epilepsy. We tried many other products before finding OC Wellness Solutions and I highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for CBD for yourself or pets.
Chad Culp
07:27 04 Mar 20
Great place to buy CBD products. Purchased some CBD isolate and felt great the rest of the day 🙂 staff is great
Andrew Ochoa
04:02 29 Mar 19
Laura Briggs
01:12 27 Jul 19
Linnell Roberts
00:23 16 Jun 20
This is my spot for my pets' CBD needs! My second visit today was more for my elderly aunt, who suffers from arthritis and anxiety. Jason was very helpful...
Corinna M.
21:28 12 Oct 20
Great pricesGreat edibles!All your CBD needs
Colin P
01:47 03 Aug 19
First ti.e user, Lanikai, was great help and answered all of our questions. Been using it for 3 weeks and my joints feel great. I have told all my...
Israel O.
21:18 21 Mar 20
Best cbd around! They don’t play around!
Business Lending Group
00:36 03 Aug 19
This place is so awsome!!The Lifter and the CBG are amazing!!Ive tried a couple CBD brands and honestly,this is the best place.The guys there really hooked me up before a festival I was going to and I couldnt be more thankful!!The pre rolls are pretty relaxing,and the flower has noce color and some good terps on them!!highly recommend this place!!
Brian Hernandez
01:45 19 Feb 20
I really find the customer service is excellent. The product line has drastically changed my life for the better. If I could afford it I would fund a Franchise expansion...
Mark Krot
21:22 21 Oct 20
I am AMAZED by the product quality at OC Wellness Solutions. I have adult epilepsy, and CBD tinctures have made a huge difference in my wellbeing. The...
Sara T.
13:01 23 Jan 20
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Still new to CBD products but the staff here makes you feel welcome and always willing to educate. Absolutely in love with the CBD water from here. Highly recommend.
Carlos Xitumul
19:17 06 May 19
I stopped by this store because I was in the area, and I'm very happy with there service !!Lanikai (hopefully I spell it right) friendly stuff at the shop...
Mie K.
12:38 18 Oct 19
Had a great experience talking to them learning about CBD products. I am Using the CBD oil and creams on my knees and it is working wonders.
Mike Mitchell
19:53 01 Feb 20
Great cbd products kind staff would highly recommend there sour space candy and cbg help me with anxiety
Edd E.
16:53 30 Apr 20
I drove from DTLA to find a pure CBG isolate. Previously i had purchased Active cbg broadspectrum from retailer purecbd and I was not a fan due to the weird sweet/pungent taste. Anyhow, the drive was worth it. They had a buy 1 pre roll and get 1 free for 7 dollars, and let me say that's a 50 percent saving. Also got some free CBD samples and cbg isolate at 500mg. It's also 3x more concentrated than the Active brand I bought. The cbg isolate gives me an energy boost. Good for my workouts and keep me more alert. Will definitely make the drive for more
Jesus Aguilar
08:15 20 Oct 20

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