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This was our first experience in a store selling CBD products so we were a bit apprehensive. Once we walked in the store, Lani immediately made us feel at...
Bridget C.
20:17 10 Mar 20
This place is amazing! Best quality full spectrum cbd! Incredible deals! Not to mention the kind, caring, and compassionate cbd experts there to help you chose the right products to meet your needs.
Smith Wesson
22:46 28 Dec 20
Great store I bought some broad spectrum tincture and I've been feeling great. I'll be back to try it all. Thank you
jeff maag
15:56 29 Mar 19
22:01 19 Aug 20
I rubbed the CBD Salve on my neck and immediately felt it work.... I could walk around without pain and was able to fall asleep without aches and pains..... This stuff is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone who has pain. It’s a great natural alternative to relieving pain directly Thank you to Sarah from OC Wellness for telling me about it! I’ll be back for more! 💕
KerriAnn Marie
05:36 20 Jan 20
Just like your first time anywhere, I realized it was a gamble on obtaining quality meds at a reasonable value. Oc wellness solutions has many offerings...
Timothy D.
10:30 04 May 20
Danyel Watters
01:42 17 Jun 20
These guys are awesome. I was curious about some CBD places while we visited California. I am not positive about flying with CBD so I typically like to buy...
Ricky R.
07:21 15 Jun 20
Best place I've ever been to! No THC and no more prescribed xanax and antidepressants from my drs #TEAMCBDONLY I feel great again PTSD,Panic Disorder, Costochondritis getting better I feel the difference and it's a BBBBIIIIIIGGGGG BBBBIIIIIGGGGGGG Difference!
LBC BenFrankk
13:43 28 Dec 18
I am AMAZED by the product quality at OC Wellness Solutions. I have adult epilepsy, and CBD tinctures have made a huge difference in my wellbeing. The...
Sara T.
13:01 23 Jan 20
This is my spot for my pets' CBD needs! My second visit today was more for my elderly aunt, who suffers from arthritis and anxiety. Jason was very helpful...
Corinna M.
21:28 12 Oct 20
16:48 05 Jul 18
Best cbd around! They don’t play around!
Business Lending Group
00:36 03 Aug 19
Fantastic shop with a wide selection of products and knowledgeable staff.Their pet CBD products are second to none, the Hempstrax Broad Spectrum Pet CBD does an excellent job in helping manage our dogs epilepsy. We tried many other products before finding OC Wellness Solutions and I highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for CBD for yourself or pets.
Chad Culp
07:27 04 Mar 20
Love this place! Tons of great products and a very knowledgable staff.
Ian Hampshire
01:30 30 Nov 18
Great deals Nd super friendly
Robert Arellano
19:58 13 Feb 21
Broad Spectrum Gummies helps relieve my daily pain also relaxes my muscles. Pretty awesome customer service also meets customers expectations.
Isollina Correa
22:13 28 Feb 20
Great customer service, Sarah and Lanikai were very helpful. I have neuropathy and the salves and flower relieves my pain. My dog loves the pet oil. Highly recommend , will be coming back.
Terri Rehse
19:20 29 Feb 20
Lots of amazing products to chose from. I like there cbd oil, I feel as its the one product that does the most. But there candies and vapes work great as well! Also awesome staff, they know there product well.
Javier Felix
21:08 26 Nov 19
Dianna Mejia
21:42 25 Mar 20

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