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6th Annual WCWCC Ironman Run

Every year when the days get shorter, a group of watercraft riders get together in a race against the clock. Starting in Long Beach, the West Coast Water Craft Club rides the unpredictable waves of the pacific ocean. From Long Beach, they head all the way to San Diego and back to Long Beach. A test of endurance and will power is an understatement. In order to make it a bit more interesting, the trip is done during a time of the year when the days are shorter. In total, the trip is 222 miles of men and women against nature. The water typically isn’t an easy ride either. Everything from large swells, patches of seaweed, and dolphins can all influence the ride. All of this is anticipated, and on Saturday, February 29th 2020 these riders will be put to the test in the 6th Annual WCWCC Ironman Run.

OC Wellness Solutions is proud to announce that we are official sponsors of this unique event. Many people in the Orange County and Long Beach area are familiar with the healing and health properties CBD has to offer. As the number one provider for high quality CBD products, OC Wellness Solutions took interest in assisting the water craft riders stay as comfortable as possible. The best way to achieve this is by providing riders with salve and tinctures to ease the aches and pains that can come with long distance water craft riding. We are happy to enhance the experience of the participants in this race, and many sports events to come.

The 6th Annual WCWCC Ironman Run is a fun and exciting opportunity to share the relief that CBD offers. Increasingly, athletes of all sorts have used CBD to make recovery time more efficient and comfortable. OC Wellness Solutions is looking forward to our partnership with West Coast Water Craft Club, and can’t wait to see these water crafts cover 222 miles in a single day. Those with an active lifestyle can turn it up a notch by incorporating CBD into their wellness routine. Stay tuned for updates and information regarding this event.

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