Benefits of CBD with COVID-19

Can CBD Fight Against COVID-19?

With Covid-19 on the rise, there are many new studies being undertaken as to whether cannabis and the hemp plant can help to protect us. Until a vaccine is developed, finding a way to be less susceptible to the virus is our only option. Boosting the immune system is one way of ensuring we are in an optimal position to fight of infection should we be exposed to the virus.

Respiratory failure is the cause of death in approximately 70% of COVID deaths. COVID-19, in severe cases, damages the lungs so badly that patients cannot breathe. This damage can be permanent.

There is a new study in Canada that is very promising. Canadian researchers at the University of Lethbridge showed that CBD could help block ACE2 or the molecule that Covid-19 disease uses to enter a person’s cells, and spread infection. ( published in the Preprints journal )

The Maryland-based study will attempt to further determine if CBD can reduce the activity of ACE2, and also if CBD could be used to help “protect against the excessive inflammatory responses to the virus associated with lung damage and death,” Skerry said in a statement.

If we could stop the virus from invading the human cells this would be more effective than a vaccine as vaccines may not last very long and may need to be re-administered as often as every 8 weeks.

Hemp and its positive impact on your immune system as an anti-inflammatory

Another promising study has suggested that CBD can help as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Emily Earlenbaugh, a co-founder of Mindful Cannabis Consulting has looked into CBD and Covid. She explains that in severe cases of COVID-19, the body’s immune system overreacts and releases too many cytokines, which is called a “cytokine storm.”

Whenever there is an infection or a virus present in the body, the immune system triggers a response. Clinically speaking, a cytokine storm means a cell pathway has been turned on. This in turn leads to the production of a number of biological that cause changes to the body and interfere with normal cell function. Commonly, this means an excessive number of cytokines are released, which create high levels of inflammation in the area of the body being flooded—so much inflammation, even, that it can be fatal. This is happening in the lungs of Covid patients and the lungs are filling with fluid rendering the lungs completely incapable of doing their job.

Clinical and laboratory research on CBD and it’s health benefits in fighting COVID-19

While more work including clinical trials to determine optimal dosage and timing, is needed before CBD becomes part of the treatment for COVID-19, researchers at the Medical College of Georgia have early evidence it could help patients showing signs of respiratory distress avoid extreme interventions like mechanical ventilation as well as death from acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Our laboratory studies indicate pure CBD can help the lungs recover from the overwhelming inflammation, or cytokine storm, caused by the COVID-19 virus, and restore healthier oxygen levels in the body, says co-author Dr. Jack Yu, physician-scientist and chief of pediatric plastic surgery at MCG.

This research can hopefully lead us to a place where we can avert the damage we see in a small percentage of Covid-19 infections. While we do not have an absolute picture of the efficacy of CBD in averting lung damage and a cytokine storm in patients we do understand that it can be a helpful component.

The best way to administer CBD for maximum bioavailability

There are several ways to administer CBD. We suggest a dosage of 50 -100mg of CBD each day. Tinctures, tea and edibles only have a bioavailability of around 10-20%. This means you would have to consume at least 500-1000mg of CBD to reach this level of bioavailability.

Vaporizing and smoking flower has a higher bioavailability of around 45%. Often consumers are not willing to use this method as they do not want to risk lung damage.

In addition to helping to protect against COVID-19, CBD has many potential benefits. It can protect against:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Sleep issues
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Nausea and digestive issues

Another option is consuming CBD as a tea. We developed a range of organic tea combining it with organically grown CBD & CBG flower. Our organically grown flower is high in a complete spectrum of cannabinoids.

CBD is more effective if consumed as a complete plant matter. If you are accustomed to taking a tincture or an edible, the CBD you are taking has been refined and processed often using chemicals. Many of the beneficial medicinal components of the complete plant medicine can be harmed or completely lost during the refining process.

Consuming a complete plant matter is akin to eating whole grains versus refined white bread. One is definitely better than the other. And its not to say that you should avoid products made using isolate and distillate. These can still be beneficial for you.

Soothing tea blends rich in CBD and CBG

CBD Tea Bag

We just decided to create a unique range of tea blends using the complete plant matter so that it is more readily absorbed by the body. There is also a distinct advantage to consuming full spectrum CBD (as in hemp flower) as opposed to Isolate. This is where the entourage effect comes in.

Simply put, it is the beneficial effect of all of the compounds working together as opposed to just one or two of these compounds working in isolation. This is why Isolate is called Isolate. It is comprised of only one cannabinoid – CBD.

The Hemp plant is really quite amazing. It is comprised of over 100 phytocannabinoids. Other significant compounds found in hemp plants are terpenoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids. Commonly known flavonoids include catechins, which are found in green tea and quercetin which is found in cannabis, fruits, and vegetables. Flavonoids are known to have antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects, especially the ones found in cannabis and hemp.

When you ingest CBD tea you are not only receiving the anti-oxidant properties of the tea but you are also enjoying all of the amazing plant benefits from the complete hemp flower. Talk about an entourage effect!

Research still needs to be conducted on CBD and its ability to protect our bodies from Covid-19. There are many benefits from taking CBD and if there is a chance it will protect your body and lungs the positives definitely outweigh any negatives. We at OC Wellness Solutions have worked hard to provide high-quality, affordable CBD to everyone.