Hempstrax Topical CBD Salve

What to look for in a CBD Topical Salve

CBD Topical Salves have become extremely popular as their ability to treat localized pain and inflammation without taking medication has been a game-changers for sufferers. Arthritis affects 1 in 3 adults over the age of 50 years old. Medication can damage the liver and other organs so opting for something natural is a huge advantage.

Doctors are beginning to recommend CBD for chronic sufferers of pain, particularly as opiates and strong pain medication are becoming harder to prescribe. CBD is non addictive and can treat pain for up to 6 hours. It can be taken orally in the form of a gel capsule, tincture or edible or applied directly to the affected areas in the form of a topical.

Many topicals on the market do not contain adequate amounts of CBD to make a difference to pain.

Key things to look for when choosing a topical

  • Dosage – opt for a topical with 1,000mg per 4oz or more. Hempstrax makes CBD topicals in 1,000mg, 3,000mg, 5,000mg & 10,000mg. Steer away from any products containing less than 250mg per fluid ounce.
  • Look for a company that lab tests their products. While we would hope that there are not companies selling products that proclaim to contain more than is listed on the label, many research studies have proved that ‘buyer beware’. According to a 2017 study from the University of Pennsylvania, up to 70% of CBD products are mislabeled.
  • Check to see your topical salve contains organic ingredients. Essential oils can be beneficial in fighting pain and inflammation as well as the active ingredient – CBD.
  • You may want to avoid using products which use alcohol and other harsh ingredients as it can not only damage the cannabinoids but can also be drying to your skin.
  •  Be wary of CBD products containing parabens, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, and other synthetic ingredients. Natural is the best way to go. Make sure the ingredients are easy to pronounce and derived from plants or nature.
  • Determine whether you require Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD. Full Spectrum contains all of the cannabinoids including CBD and 0.3% THC. Many research studies have found Full Spectrum products to be superior to Broad Spectrum and Isolate when fighting pain and inflammation. If you drug test for work you will want to choose Broad Spectrum as it contains NO THC. Whilst it may not show up on a drug test if you are only using CBD topically it would not be worth the risk of using a Full Spectrum product.
  • Application method is important as hard to reach areas may be better targeted using a roll-on application rater than a balm or salve. Opt for a product that is non-greasy and soaks in easily.
  • Find a product that has a mild smell or soaks in easily. While there are many benefits from Menthol, Camphor and Melaleuca no one wants to walk around smelling like deepheat. Look for a product that is balanced and contains a natural thickening agent like beeswax or carnuba wax.

Getting the best usage out of your CBD Topical

A good CBD topical should only need to be reapplied every 4-6 hours. It should soak in easily and be non-greasy. It should not break the bank. Look to pay between $20 – $50 for a topical. 

Read reviews and ensure the company you are purchasing from is established and not just a fly by night company.

When purchasing online look for a company that manufactures its own products.

Always purchase from a company that uses USA sourced CBD.

When you find a good product, stick to it. Research has shown that CBD will begin to build up in your system and it may take 2-4 weeks to feel the full effects of the CBD you are ingesting or applying topically.

Give it time. Don’t expect miracles overnight. Make sure to stay hydrated when taking CBD, particularly at night. Try to double your intake of water each day.

If you feel CBD is not working for you, it may be worth trying a sublingual tincture in conjunction with a topical. The way we like to explain the difference between the two products is that a topical works on the surface to relieve pain but not to cure the root cause. A sublingual tincture can work from the inside of the body out, to address the cause of pain and inflammation. The two can work together in conjunction with one another.

Whichever choice you make we are always here to answer questions and to assist you on your wellness journey.

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