Delta-8 Tincture Cartridge 500mg

Delta-8 Tincture – How is it Made?

Delta-8 is the new cannabinoid that is creating a buzz. So, what is it and how is it made?

Delta-8 Distillate can be extracted from the hemp plant directly but the concentration in the hemp plant is extremely low – around 1%.

There are Delta-8 products that are cannabis derived. But it is more than likely created by the process of isomerization. This is the process of turning CBD or other cannabinoids to Delta-8 via a chemical process that involves heat.

Always check the lab COA’s or lab reports to see exactly what is in the Delta-8 product you are purchasing. For examples of lab COA’s please click here.

Delta-8 Tincture Buying Notes

Delta-8 Tinctures have become very popular as they have a high bioavailability. They are typically made by blending the Delta-8 Distillate with a carrier oil such as MCT oil. MCT oil is popular as it has a long shelf life, and it blends well with distillate. Look for a product that uses organic ingredients. 

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If you are choosing a flavored Delta-8 tincture look for one that uses natural flavors. Steam distilled essential oils are a good way to go as you receive the benefits from the Delta-8 distillate as well as the essential oils.

Tinctures are taken sublingually. We have receptors located under the tongue which allows Delta-8 to be directly absorbed into the body. Tinctures have a bioavailability of around 40%. Edibles are substantially lower – around 15 – 20%. Vaping and smoking flower is the highest with a bioavailability of around 60%.

Tinctures are easy to use and they are quite discreet. Delta-8 is great for treating pain and inflammation. It is really helpful for relaxation and getting a better restful night’s sleep.

Where Delta-8 products are legal

Delta-8 gives a lighter, more motivated feeling than that of Delta-9 THC found in cannabis. Many people are using Delta-8 as an alternative to cannabis as it does not have any of the negative feelings of paranoia or the heavy sedative effects of cannabis.

Delta-8 products are available in many forms. You can choose from tinctures, vape, flower, edibles and topicals. There is a product to fit with anyone’s lifestyle.

Hemp derived Delta-8 is federally legal, but it could be illegal in your State. Make sure you check before you order. 

As of February 2021, here is a list of States where Delta-8 is illegal:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, and Utah.