Delta-8 Legal THC

What Is Delta-8 THC and How Can it Help Me?

Delta-8 has quickly become a buzz in the CBD and Cannabis space. Delta-9 THC found in marijuana can often bring out paranoia and anxiety, whilst Delta-8 can give all of the positive outcomes of marijuana without the negative ones. Another important consideration is that Delta-8 is legal as it is not considered Delta-9 and therefore legal under the 2018 Farm Bill providing it is derived from Hemp Flower.

This special cannabinoid reacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System – primarily the CB1 receptor of the Central Nervous System to bring on its effects. The effects are similar to those of THC (Delta-9) but with a lighter more euphoric feeling.

Common Effects Of It

Many users of Delta-8 report a clearer, more focused feeling without any effects of paranoia or anxiety. No wonder it is fast becoming a much sought after product in the search to find a cannabinoid that calms and gives all the good effects of THC Delta-9 with none of the negative effects.

The Delta part of the name refers to the double bond. Both Delta-8 and Delta-9 both contain this double-bond, and the difference is where the bond is located. Delta-8 only appears as a low percentage in the hemp plant. It is usually 1% or less, making it difficult and expensive to create a concentrate. Biologists are exploring ways to cross breed the recessive genes in the plant in which Delta-8 is more dominant, much like what they have done with the CBG cannabinoid. With over 113 discovered cannabinoids in the cannabis sativa species there is no doubt that we will see many new emerging cannabinoids over the next few years.

So what makes Delta-8 so special?

A research study conducted in 2016, determined that Delta-8 has lower psychotropic effects than THC Delta-9. The effects from Delta-8 can be felt differently by the body and will not lead to mind-fog or lethargy like Delta-9.

Delta-8 products are available in various forms. They come as edibles in the form of candies or gummies, as hemp flower that has been sprayed with distillate, as vape cartridges, tinctures and topicals. Always choose a company that lab tests its Delta 8 products so you know exactly what you are getting.

The National Cancer Institute have found it to have amazing properties that are anti-anxiety and anti-nausea. These are both symptoms of the patients they treat. It can also work as a stimulate appetite. 

Delta 8 is a great go-to for all the advantageous and positive effects of THC Delta-9 without the negative drowsy, anxious feelings. It is great for patients to use during the day when they would like to stay clear headed but would like to fight pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Research on treating cancer

A study in 1995 conducted a hospital in Israel, gave Delta-8 to children suffering from cancer. The study noted that there had been 480 successful treatments of cancerous tumors using Delta-8. It also relieved nausea in patients and allowed them to eat whilst undergoing treatment.

Delta-8 for anxiety and depression

No doubt there will be many more studies on Delta-8 in the future but what we can confirm in the interim is that it is just as effective as CBD in alleviating anxiety.

Bear in mind, vaping Delta-8 or smoking Delta-8 will result in an immediate effect that is short lived whereas eating a Delta-8 edible will take 30 minutes – an hour to take effect and will last longer.

We hope this blog has helped your understanding of this popular THC alternative. If you would like to known more about Delta-9 products at OC Wellness Solutions, please contact us. We try to bring you the most up to date information on the fascinating arena of cannabinoids and health.