CBD for fighting Gout

Helping Gout Symptoms with CBD

CBD has shown to have many health benefits, including helping gout symptoms. CBD is a natural remedy that can help reduce the inflammation caused by gout. CBD doesn’t just stop there – it also helps decrease pain, swelling, redness, and other common gout symptoms. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are what make it so therapeutic for people with arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.

Many people don’t know about CBD’s ability to treat these kinds of ailments because its use in Western medicine is still relatively new – but CBD has been used as an herbal remedy for centuries to treat various types of joint pain and inflammation.

It’s no surprise that 1 in 5 Americans deals with some form of gout, as it is prevalent among men over the age of 40 and can often be hereditary. Being overweight or consuming alcohol excessively may increase your exposure to this painful condition, too. However, other causes, such as a parent suffering from arthritis, need consideration.

What is Gout?

Gout is an inflammatory condition caused by the buildup of uric acid in joints, primarily of one’s hands and feet. It can lead to arthritis and bone degeneration if left untreated, but there are treatments available!

 It is crucial that you do not combine CBD with specific medications for gout – particularly corticosteroids as CBD may amplify the effects of these medicines. CBD

CBD can help to reduce the symptoms of gout by combatting inflammation. This can lead to the relief of symptoms. It is essential to rule out several foods from your diet to ensure that gout does not return.

CBD works to reduce inflammation as it supplies the body’s Endocannabinoid System with essential cannabinoids that are interchangeable with the ones our body should be making. When the body has a steady stream of endocannabinoids (the one’s the body should make) or cannabinoids from CBD, it can regulate many of its essential functions.

These relate to sleep, the feel-good hormone serotonin, calming inflammation, reducing pain experienced – just to name a few. Reducing inflammation is key to ridding the body of the nasty and painful symptoms of gout. While CBD may not cure gout, it will lessen the inflammation around the joints, ultimately leading to relief.

Foods to Avoid when you have gout

– Alcohol

– Asparagus

– Coffee and Caffeine Products (chocolate too!)

– Organ Meats, like liver or kidney meats

  • Shell Fish
  • Red Meat

Forms of CBD for Gout


CBD Topicals are excellent for treating specific areas. You can rub a CBD salve or balm directly onto the hands and feet to get relief from some of the inflammation associated with gout. It really would be advantageous to take the CBD orally too. This way, you supply the receptors mentioned above with the cannabinoids within your body.


Tinctures are ideal as they contain a binding oil, like MCT and CBD. Choose one that does not contain any artificial colors or sweeteners. Tinctures are great as they act quickly, usually within 15 minutes.


CBD Capsules are available in many different strengths. Start out with a capsule that is 10mg-25mg and take it twice a day. Stick to this dosage for 5 days, and if you are not seeing any improvement, you can gradually increase the dosage up by 5mg – 10mg per day. 

Gummies and Edibles

These should be avoided as they usually contain artificial sweeteners or sugar and often artificial colors too. These are all things that you need to avoid if you have gout.

Vapes or Smokables

This can be a good option as they work quickly and have a high bioavailability. 

Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD for Gout?

We always recommend using a Full Spectrum product for pain and inflammation as it contains all of the cannabinoids, including 0.3% THC. 

If you would prefer a THC-free product, opt for Broad Spectrum instead. It contains all of the cannabinoids with 0% THC.

*** It is vital that you do not combine CBD with specific medications for gout – particularly corticosteroids as CBD may amplify the effects of these medicines. ***