Natural CBD Coffee with Recipe

CBD Coffee – What’s all the buzz about?

Coffee is a daily ritual for many people. It’s become an essential part of our morning routine, and we can’t imagine starting the day without it. But there are those who don’t drink coffee because they find themselves feeling jittery and anxious afterwards. Enter CBD coffee – a natural alternative to your regular cup of joe that won’t make you feel wired but will give you all the benefits of caffeine.

Seven in ten Americans start their day with a cup of Joe. It provides energy and motivation plus, for many, it is somewhat of a ritual. From our favorite coffee shops to our favorite brands, Americans spent an estimated $1,270 each on coffee in 2020.

CBD coffee – A new way to start your day

Coffee has its downside as it can lead to anxiety and jitters. CBD can help to offset this reaction by slowing the body’s fight or flight mechanism. This helps to reduce the amount of inflammation felt when consuming America’s No.1 Morning Ritual.

Besides just slowing the negative effects of coffee, CBD has some amazing benefits of its own:

  • Helps reduce pain
  • Helps reduce Inflammation
  • Helps with Mental Clarity
  • Helps with Digestive Issues
  • Helps enhance Mood
  • Helps with Hormone Regulation

CBD does not fare well under extreme temperatures so it may be better to wait until your coffee has cooled down before adding your CBD to your beverage. You could also choose an iced beverage instead.

DIY CBD Coffee – Make it your own

You may want to opt for an isolate product or a broad-spectrum product for during the day as it does not contain any THC. Isolate CBD can be added directly to your coffee, as can a CBD tincture.

Isolate is a white powder which is extracted from the hemp flower. It contains CBD only and no other cannabinoids. It is ideal to add to foods, beverages, and smoothies and even to add to your favorite skincare products.

Tinctures are typically mixed with an oil base. Often, they are mixed with MCT oil as it is shelf stable and lasts for at least a year once opened. Hempstrax use Organic MCT oil in the production of their tinctures. They make an unflavored version which is ideal for adding to food and beverages. They also make a cinnamon flavored tincture which is a great additive to coffee. A 1,000mg has 60 doses of 16mg CBD. This is a great dosage to start out with. Maintain this dosage for 5 days before gradually increasing the dosage upwards if required.

There are several companies who sell Coffee with CBD already added. It is far more advantageous to add your CBD directly to your coffee as you can control the exact dosage and you can ensure that your beverage is not too hot and will not damage the cannabinoids in the CBD.

The benefit of MCT oil in your coffee

MCT oil is a type of fat which the body metabolizes very quickly. It can be used as an energy source or fuel instead of glucose because it does not need to go through any conversion process. MCT stands for Medium-chain triglycerides and they are found in coconut oils, palm kernel oils, dairy products, meats, other plants and algae.

MCT oil is beneficial for those with digestive issues as it can help to absorb nutrients more efficiently than other types of dietary fat which require assistance from bile salts in the liver to break them down before they are converted into energy. It also helps to improve neurological function, heart health, weight loss efforts and so much more besides.

Now you can get all the benefits of coffee and CBD with one quick mix!