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Extra Strong CBD Tincture for Fast Relief


Hempstrax 5,000mg CBD Tincture is a game changer for treating tough pain and inflammation.  Formulated with Organic Ingredients our Extra Strong CBD Tincture treats tough pain fast.

With many tinctures on the market it is important to do your due diligence to ensure that you are buying a high-quality tincture at an affordable price.

Using pure, Organic ingredients is imperative to the quality of our products and our Extra Strong CBD tinctures are no expectations.  We source the finest, high profile Distillate and Isolate with a broad terpene range. The type of CBD that you consume is important.  Whether you are looking for Full Spectrum CBD oil to achieve the entourage effect, or Broad Spectrum or Isolate to ensure Zero THC, we have you covered.  All of our tinctures are made with Organic steam distilled edible Essential Oils, no nasty aftertaste or artificial fillers.

Hempstrax 5,000mg CBD Hemp Oil tincture is one of the strongest on the market and it is a great go to for use on the go. CBD Hemp Oil is an anti-inflammatory therefore it is effective for CBD for fighting Pain.

We provide dosage information to assist you in taking the perfect amount of Extra Strong CBD Tincture. Dosage will vary for each individual. We suggest starting with a dosage of 15-30mg twice daily and working up from there over a week to identify the perfect dosage to treat your ailment.

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  • Most Potent on Market
  • Highest Bio-availability
  • Fast Acting
  • All Organic

5,000 mg CBD Oil, Organic MCT Oil, Organic Steam Distilled Edible Essential Oils.

OC Wellness Solutions and our in-house brand Hempstrax delivers a range of tinctures using Organic ingredients. We are one of the only companies to use an Organic MCT Oil, Organic steam distilled edible essential oils and 3 types of Cannabidiol. We are extremely proud of our Extra Strong CBD Tincture.

Seven flavors are available, including unflavored.  Using organic Organic MCT oil as a carrier, our tinctures are the most rapidly absorbed and great tasting tinctures on the market.  Utilizing only organic ingredients ensures the purity and integrity of our Extra Strong CBD Tinctures.  These hemp derived 5,000 mg CBD tinctures are legal in all 50 states.

Pain and CBD

The reason we feel pain is because there are many receptors within our bodies that are responsible for conveying messages to the brain. This becomes a problem when these messages are excessive. This is where the Endocannabinoid System comes in play. It is responsible for calming the immune system response that wants to create inflammation to protect the body.

The immune system is designed to protect the body by signaling that there is an injury that needs repair and healing. In cases of severe arthritis or a traumatic accident, the injury is often incurable. But it is treatable.

CBD works to modulate the function of the immune system. It does this through the Endocannabinoid System.

The ECS Contains 3 parts

  • Endocannabinoids
  • Receptors in the Central Nervous System
  • Enzymes that assist in breaking down these Cannabinoids

The hemp plant contains more than 130 cannabinoids. These cannabinoids act on your ECS (Endocannabinoid System) which works to keep your body in balance. Its responsible for keeping hormones in balance (like serotonin release), signaling the body when it needs rest, sleep or nourishment. It also responsible for immune system response which often triggers inflammation in the body.


The ability to control the exact dosage taken will allow the benefits of CBD to be most effective.  The high dose that this product contains far surpasses anything available on the market, and the bottle can last longer.  If you are searching for a tincture that is a bit less potent, 5005,000 mg tinctures are also available.

If an even more potent blend is what you desire, 10,000 mg tinctures are for you.  Our four legged friends also benefit from CBD, and tinctures for dogs are available as well.  Sublingual CBD allows for rapid absorption from the capillaries found under the tongue.  Take your desired dosage 1-3 times daily, or use as needed.

Isolate Hemp Oil

The first type of Hemp Oil or Cannabidiol is called Isolate. It is made by isolating only the CBD from the Hemp Plant and by removing the other cannabinoids. It is a pure white in color and the Isolate we use is 99% pure. Many people choose Isolate as it is often less expensive than Broad Spectrum CBD for IBS and Full Spectrum CBD for Arthritis.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

The second kind is a distillate called Broad Spectrum. It contains all of the cannabinoids but has NO THC. Many people like this form of tincture or topical especially if they need to pass a drug test for their job. We have a range of Broad Spectrum CBD Products to choose from. CBD Topical Salve for pain.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

The third kind is called Full Spectrum and just as the name implies it contains all of the cannabinoids with 0.3% THC. Many doctors are beginning to recommend this kind of product as all of the cannabinoids are believed to work in conjunction with what is known as the ‘Entourage Effect’.

Research studies now suggest taking them together rather than taking them alone. It has been discovered that they work in conjunction with one another on a cellular level.

Why is Hemp Oil dosage so important?

The great part about buying a stronger tincture is that you have far more control over your dosage. I find a problem we hear often in our industry is customers expecting a 350mg or 500mg tincture to combat severe pain. If they are only taking 0.50 of the dropper of a 30ml bottle they will only be receiving around 7mg or 8mg on Hemp Oil. This brings me to bioavailability of CBD. Tincture do have a far higher bioavailability than other methods of dosing but its still only around 40%. So with a 500mg bottle of Hemp Oil you may only receive 4mg of CBD.

This is not going to combat severe pain.

A dosage of 50-100mg would be far more effective. So thereby taking 0.50 of a dropper of Hempstrax 10,000mg Hemp Oil, you would receive a dosage ideal for treating pain.



Unflavored, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Lemon Ginger, Lavender, Cinnamon, Melaleuca


Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, CBD Isolate

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