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The 4th of July is such a fun time for us two legged folk but it is not so fun for our furry four-legged friends. It can be a time of extreme angst and anxiety filled with loud bangs and explosions, leaving our pets shaken and traumatized. Help out your loved pet by purchasing our Pet Relief Bundle.

Our CBD can help alleviate this anxiety. It acts on our pets CB1 and CBD2 receptors leaving them feeling relaxed and happy. In fact CBD has been clinically shown to relieve stress, pain and arthritis in animals.

We are extremely happy to provide a solution to this 4th of July dilemma. Now your pets can enjoy the day as much as you! Our Pet Relief Bundle retails for $85 but we are offering it at the discounted price of $50 all through July.

Out Pet Bundle:

We have created this unique pet bundle to pamper your pet. You can choose from our unique Boosted Pet Treats available in Pumpkin Ginger w/ Probiotic, Chicken & Sweet Potato w/ Glucosamine or Coconut & Salmon w/Digestive and Immune Support.

These unique treats contain 5mg of CBD per treat. We have included your choice of a Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum 1,000mg Pet Tincture. Just add to your pets food or water. 1mg is equivalent to a drop of this tincture.


Perhaps the easiest way to deliver CBD to pets is by using a tincture.  These tinctures are unflavored, and available in 500 mg-1000 mg. Each pet will need a different dosage depending on size and reason for taking it.  It has been recommended that 2-10 mg be used for ever 10 pounds. If you are able to administer the tincture directly via the mouth this is the best way .

With pets, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve this.  Many pet owners have gotten around this by putting the tincture into their food or water or by using CBD treats.


CBD treats are a great option for keeping your pet healthy and happy, and come in all types of different flavors.  All dogs love a good treat, and they can take something healthy as they do that. Cat treats are also available, and are a great way to reward the cat.   Pets will always have a place in our hearts, and we will always have CBD on hand to take care of them.

Healing Paws Pet Salve:

We are super excited to add our BRAND NEW Pet Salve to this bundle.It is amazing for treating hot spots, skin irritations, flea bites and any other ouchie! This amazing organic salve helps to heal and it is edible so if your dog licks it off it will actually be of benefit.


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