CBD Isolate Uses

CBD Isolate Uses

CBD Isolate Benefits

The purest and most concentrated form of CBD available is CBD Isolate.  It is found in a white, crystalline or powder form. CBD isolate is 99.99 percent pure, making it the most concentrated form available.  It is extremely powerful, and to get exact dosage a scale is needed. The benefit with using isolate versus full spectrum CBD oil is that there is no chance of having any THC.  With full spectrum, the entourage effect is created. This effect is beneficial for many attempting to seek relief from CBD, but some people would like it 100 % pure. It can be compared to drinking a cup of coffee versus taking a pure caffeine pill. CBD Isolate uses are many and it is a popular way for individuals to add CBD to their health regimen.

Hempstrax offers a variety of products which are already infused with CBD isolate.  We offer different recipes once a week, and any of these can easily be substituted with CBD isolate.  One great example of this is making your own salve.  Whether you are making something for yourself at home, or using pure isolate, Hempstrax isolate is always available and always consistent.  If you want to buy CBD Isolate, order online or visit one of our two convenient Orange County locations.

How to consume Isolate

Another method of consuming CBD isolate is by putting it directly on to your hemp flower.  It does not take much due to the high potency of CBD isolate. Consuming CBD isolate in conjunction with hemp flower can give the best entourage effect from the wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes.  CBD isolate is also great to vaporize or “dab”. Hempstrax has created custom blends of shatter from combining CBD isolate with hemp derived terpenes. Each terpene profile offers a unique flavor and experience.  Stay tuned for more weekly recipes using our CBD isolate.

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