Top CBD Strains for Migraine Pain Relief

6 Best CBD Strains for Migraines and Quick Symptom Relief

Looking for the best CBD strains for migraines and relief from their uncomfortable effects that can ruin your day? Each strain has been crossbred to create new strains and these offspring contain a unique combination of specific cannabinoids and terpinoids (terpenes). With the abundance of new strains on the market we have compiled a list of the best strains to treat pain and migraines. 

There are many ways to consume CBD but more and more people are turning to vaping or smoking CBD as the effects are quicker, providing immediate relief.

Most CBD strains will provide a degree of migraine pain relief

While relief is possible with most strains, some are better than others. We would always advise opting for a strain that is high in many cannabinoids and not just CBD. CBN, CBG and CBC have all been proven to be effective in fighting against pain and inflammation.

The nice news is, you should get relief from almost any strain you choose. The bad news – some strains may make you feel very relaxed and even a bit sleepy making them not ideal for daytime use.

These are the Best CBD Strains for Migraines


This strain has improved pain and inflammation for countless numbers of people. It’s a great first strain to try as the THC in this strain is low. 

While it is classified as a 50/50 hybrid, AC/DC is quite a neutral strain making it ideal for use at any time of the day.

AC/DC’s predominant terpenes (we will go into terpen profiles later in this blog) are Beta-myrcene, Pinene and Bisabolol making it an ideal choice for treating pain and inflammation. This strain typically contains additional cannabinoids: CBG and CBC which are ideal for treating pain.

Charlotte’s Web

This strain has gained widespread media attention as it is named after Charlotte, a sufferer of seizures. When treated with this strain, Charlotte experienced a dramatic decrease in seizures. This strain is typically 25:1 CBD:THC. The potency runs at 15% – 17%. This strain is not readily available as the brothers that developed the strain have kept the genetics to themselves to sell within their company. 

Charlotte’s Web is very similar to AC/DC. Its also a hybrid (60% Sativa, 40% Indica).

Delta 8 Flower

A popular choice that has popped up in the market is CBD flower that has been infused with Delta 8. Delta-8 has shown amazing promise for treating pain and inflammation.

Unfortunately, there is not a specific hemp strain that is Delta-8 dominant. Delta-8 THC is a secondary hemp cannabinoid that naturally makes up less than 1% of the hemp plant. Just like CBN, delta-8 THC is a degraded form of THC produced when the hemp flower is exposed to oxygen during storage. As there is no delta-8 THC-rich hemp flower, manufacturers extract, convert, and refine delta-8 using other cannabinoids like CBD. That’s how we make our Delta 8 THC tinctures, oils, sprays, vapes and edibles, using Delta 8 Distillate.

Delta-8 THC is mildly psychotropic, so you will feel its effects. It is a clear-headed feeling not unlike that of THC Delta-9 but it is often described as lighter. It also has many proven applications for treating pain and inflammation. 

Delta 8 can be found in edible form, tincture, flower and vape.


This strain is a cross between AC/DC and Otto ensuring it is a high yielding strain with 12% – 15% CBD. The addition of Otto makes this strain a nice daytime strain with decent pain-relieving properties.

It’s aromatic and fruity with a high amount of Beta-caryophyllene and beta-myrcene making it a good go to strain for treating pain. 

On the downside, it does not have particularly high levels of CBD (only 12% – 15%) which makes it less effective than a strain like Lifter which has levels at around 18% – 20%.

Hawaiian Haze

The Haze CBD hemp flower strain originated in 1960’s California, but it was crossbred with other strains in South America and Southeast Asia. It then spread to various parts of the world. There is a lot of discussion if the Hawaiian hemp strain actually originates from Hawaii. But like Haze, it’s been bred and enjoyed far and wide.

Hawaiian Haze has a balanced cannabinoid and terpene profile making it ideal for daytime use. It averages 15% – 17% CBD. It’s unique fruity flavor is making it one of the most demanded CBD flower strains of 2021.


Lifter is one of the most popular strains for treating pain and inflammation as it is very high in CBD. Most strains average around 18% CBD and upwards of 20% total cannabinoids making it one of the best CBD strains for migraines.

Lifter is a versatile crop which is high yielding making it a farmer’s favorite. 

It’s a favorite as it is an energizing and uplifting flower that promotes a happy buzz. Lifter has a light pine and lemon taste and is a pleasant smoke.

Space Candy

This unique strain is uplifting and promotes focus. It’s a cross breed of Early Resin Berry and Sour Tsunami making it a high yielding flower with medium to large purplish flowers.

Given its high CBD content it has proved to be amazingly effective for treating pain while maintaining creative flow and energy throughout the day.

This would be our pick on the go to flower for pain and inflammation as well as depression and anxiety. It’s wide terpene profile and high number of cannabinoids make it ideal. 

Space Candy is a great flower.

So, what exactly does make a strain effective, relaxing or energetic? It is the terpene profile within the CBD flower. To get quite specific, you would have to examine the terpenes evident in a specific strain from the Lab Report to examine whether that flower would be effective. 

Terpenes in the Best CBD Strains for Migraines

Here’s a brief summary of the terpenes and whether they are day or nighttime terpenes:

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   DAYTIME: Geraninol, Limonene, Ocimene, Pinene, Velencine

     NEUTRAL: Bisabolol, Humulene
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     NIGHTTIME: Borneol, Beta-caryophyllene, Farnesene, Linalool,    
    Myrcene, Terpineol

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CBD strains can vary from crop to crop even within the same farm. Ideally the best way to identify the cannabinoids and terpenes is via a COA or lab report. To see our COA’s click here.