CBD and Fitness

CBD and Fitness – How CBD can help you

There have been amazing developments on the research of CBD and its ability to help with an array of illnesses and health related issues. CBD is an amazing alternative as it is virtually symptom free. Many people have discovered the health benefits and have been able to discontinue medications using CBD. It is available without a doctor’s prescription and it comes in numerous forms making it easy to incorporate into a health routine. CBD has become synonymous with natural pain relief. 

It’s a high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate diet which turns the body into a fat burning machine. The concept behind keto is that your body uses fat stores to burn as energy instead of carbohydrates which are converted to glucose. The keto diet will prevent sugar crashes, reduce cravings and increase energy and mental clarity. 

There is an adjustment period of 3-5 days initially as the body adjusts to the dietary changes.

How can CBD help you achieve your fitness goals?

Pain and Inflammation

CBD has been proven to assist in reducing the pain and inflammation that often goes hand in hand with excessive workouts and running long distances. CBD can assist by reducing inflammation around joints reducing pain and soreness. CBD works to calm down the body’s response to trigger pain and inflammation. 

We all have a complex Endocannabinoid System within our bodies comprised of CB1 and CB2 receptors. This system is responsible for regulating many of our bodies regulatory systems and for ensuring that the body stays in homeostasis. Our body should make its own endocannabinoids to fuel these receptors. CBD supplies our body with this essential fuel for the Endocannabinoid System.

CBD slows the break down of a specific nucleoside that occurs within our cells called Adenosine. Adenosine is responsible for modulating inflammation throughout the body and as CBD slows the breakdown of this molecule it stays in the body longer.

CBD is a breakthrough herbal alternative for pain management and treatment. In the case of old injuries and traumas the body still sends repetitive signals to the area to signal pain and creates inflammation to immobilize the area so that no further damage is done. But in the case of a past injury the brain does not know to switch off this signal, creating a broken loop system of pain and inflammation signals. CBD steps in to calm these responses lowering pain experienced and decreasing pain.

It has been found to be particularly effective when used post workout to reduce discomfort felt by over-exertion. It can also aid in the bodies recovery.

For example, CBD also inhibits the breakdown of adenosine, an endocannabinoid whose receptors are believed to broadly modulate anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body. 

By keeping this endocannabinoid in the mix for longer, CBD allows the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response to keep working at achieving balance.


CBD has a wonderful side effect – increased serotonin production. Serotonin is the feel-good hormone. We all know that when we are feeling good and energized, we are more inclined to put our all into our workouts.

Scientific evidence shows that there are receptors found on serotonin neurons. CBD is believed to interact with 5-HT1 receptors that regulate serotonin levels in the body and the brain. 

CBD reduces stress and anxiety and provides a sense of wellbeing and calm. It does this by aligning the body’s response systems. CBD assists in getting a good nights’ sleep which is essential for both pre- and post-workout.

CBD can even help to regulate cravings helping to eat a healthier more balanced diet.

Many workout diets include a high protein diet. CBD fits perfectly with a high protein diet as research has shown that CBD is better absorbed when eating a high fat content diet. Research has been conducted on taking CBD on an empty stomach in contrast to taking CBD after consuming a large fat-rich breakfast of eggs and bacon. Those that consumed the a hearty high-protein breakfast showed up to a 14 times higher level of CBD in their bloodstream.

Post Workout, Rest and Recovery

CBD has been proven to assist in the regulating of many systems within the body by supplying the Endocannabinoid System with essential cannabinoids. Some of the systems the Endocannabinoid System regulate are responsible for sleep, rest and general well-being.

Sleep is essential for muscle repair. Excessive workouts actually cause tears in the muscle. It is the repair of this tissue that creates a bulking of the muscle over time. Sleep is an essential time for the body to repair this damage in preparation for the next workout. 

CBD has been shown to calm the body and induce a better night’s sleep in many studies. The average dosage to achieve this is between 25mg – 50mg before bed. Tinctures are an ideal low-calorie option for ensuring the correct dosage of CBD. A quarter dropper (0.25) of Hempstrax 3,000mg CBD Full Spectrum Tincture will supply the body with 50mg of CBD and around 15 calories of carbohydrate free, healthy fats all derived from Organic MCT oil.

Another amazing advantage of taking CBD post workout is it can reduce cortisol levels. When the body releases cortisol it encourages the use of muscle proteins that are then sent to the liver and converted into glucose. The glucose is stored as energy which increases blood sugar levels. While this is happening muscles cannot grown and repair effectively. Cortisol prevents new tissue growth.

Cortisol can negatively impact brain function, metabolism, the immune system and even the ability to learn. All of these factors can negatively effect performance in a contest or a marathon.

Researchers in Brazil found that subjects who took CBD saw a lowered amount of cortisol in their systems making them more able to handle the stressed of competition, work or life in general.

This can lead to reduces stress and anxiety and better sleep.

Recapping CBD and Fitness

CBD is a wonderful supplement to implement into your lifestyle. It is relatively in expensive and easy to take. The benefits far outweigh any negative side effects. 

It is always advisable to start with a lower dosage of CBD and gradually increase the dosage over a week. A dosage of 16-25mg twice a day is a good amount to start with.

CBD tinctures can be taken sublingually or even added to food or beverages. Hempstrax CBD unflavored tincture can easily be added to a salad dressing, beverage or even added to a healthy smoothie or post workout protein drink.

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